About us

Triple A Result has an extensive background in international figure skating. Besides skating we also have a lot of experience in organization, marketing and presentation of events. We are always looking for new possibilities to make figure skating competitions more interesting for skaters, coaches, spectators and sponsors.


Triple A Result brings the scores and standings during the competition to the screen of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The presented scores on our websites are prepared with the utmost care and are intended to provide more detailed information during the competition.

All scores, standings and results may however be subject to errors or changes. They do not replace the official protocol. No rights can be derived from the results presented on our sites. The official results as approved by the referee and issued by the organization will always prevail.

For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3A Result collects the following information from the visitors on it’s websites.


Statistical information about visitors on the website is gathered in a strictly anonymous fashion. This information is used for analysis and improvement. No personal information is recorded on the public parts of the website.

Logged in users

For logged in users only the information necessary for facilitating the login is saved. This includes the login identifier and user name received from the login provider (Google or Microsoft).This information is stored as long is it is necessary for the user to log in.


3A Result sites only uses cookies to facilitate the gathering of anonymous statistics and allowing login.